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Limoges is a hidden gem that offers a unique and serene living experience. Nestled within the picturesque eastern region of Ontario, Limoges is known for its tranquil setting, perfect for those seeking a peaceful and rural lifestyle. This charming village, just a short drive from Ottawa, boasts a strong sense of community, where neighbours become like family, and local events and festivals bring people together. 

The town’s idyllic surroundings make it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts, offering opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, and exploring the beautiful wilderness. While Limoges maintains its small-town charm, it also provides access to essential amenities such as schools, local shops, and a welcoming community spirit, making it an inviting destination for those looking for a relaxed, close-knit community to call home.

Features and Amenities

Limoges offers a delightful blend of small-town living and modern conveniences. Residents of Limoges benefit from a warm and tight-knit community, where neighbours know each other by name and local events and gatherings are commonplace. 

The town’s central area features a selection of charming local shops, perfect for those seeking unique gifts, artisan products, and a taste of rural life. In addition to its friendly community and shopping opportunities, Limoges offers a range of essential amenities, including schools, parks, and recreational facilities. 

The surrounding countryside provides opportunities for outdoor adventures, such as hiking and enjoying the beautiful natural landscapes. 

Limoges at a Glance

  • A top of the line sports complex, a multisport, multi-generational facility.
  • A Health Hub featuring a family medical clinic, pharmacy, dentists, and wellness services.
  • Pleasant environment featuring forestry and agricultural land.
  • Home to Calypso Waterpark featuring a wide variety of water attractions for people of all ages.
  • Public parks, recreational facilities and trails.
  • Local churches, library, primary schools and daycare.
  • Bus transportation connected to the city of Ottawa.
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